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mining thickener is Patent design, overflow low turbidityefficient transformation of our mining thickener added degassing tank, attached to the bubbles to prevent solid particles, the fall to into the pulp evenly and smoothly, effectively prevent the phenomenon of double flowers; The flow device, reducing the speed of material flow to rise, make the overflow lower turbidity; Change traditional inside overflow weir for outside overflow weir, increased the subsidence area, not easy plugging material.

Xinhai mining thickener complete specifications Xinhai can produce main thickener are peripheral transmission type (roller wheel and rack), central hydraulic transmission thickener, inclined plate thickener, deep cone thickener, washing thickener etc., of each thickener can produce all kinds of specifications, most notably to produce the nation's largest phi 100 meters around the transmission thickener.

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  • Efficient Thickener
    Efficient Thickener

    Produced by introducing American technique
    Product improvement
    New mechanical structure, strengthening the flocculation of solid particleand supplying flocculent adding system

  • Mining Sludge Thickener
    Mining Sludge Thickener

    Peripheral Mining Sludge Thickener has two kinds, peripheral roller transmission and peripheral gear transmission
    Product Improvement
    Single row cross column rotary support or single row four point contact ball rotary support, collector device with good insulation, exposed rotary parts with light shield

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